About Us

About Us

Suria Mall was established on 7th March 2018. Our main objective to accelerate Digital Entrepreneurship and create as many Online Sellers in Unique. It has been years of research and development to craft an almost perfect eCommerce platform with latest technology. We have adopted Artificial Intelligent (AI) and WhatsApp concept to provided the most convenient selling and buying experience.

Suria Mall Owned by Asia Pacific Technology Acceleration Center Sdn Bhd (APTAC) 2020010003905 (1360225-K). Fully managed by MiDEC Team.

We believe 15 years of experience working with E-Commerce Consultancies, Business Chambers and Government Agencies had enable us to have a clear road map on E-Commerce eco-system.

Our vast experience in the field would definitely beneficial to the Online Sellers or buyers. We are not to compete with any other eCommerce Marketplace platforms rather we are focus on niche segments and fill the gab or needs.

We are proud the launch eBazaar Deepavali 2020 to encourage many Online Sellers to participate in e-Dagang effort by effort by our Government.

Best wishes,

MV Shankar
Suria Mall