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Positive & Negative Energies in Your Aura
Everything in the world contains a Positive energy and a Negative energy – that literally means EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. Science has proven that every atom contains a positive energy called a "proton" and an equal negative energy called an "electron" – every atom in order to exist – MUST contain equals numbers of protons and electrons.
Through my belief in a Universal Divine Creator of the World and of Everyone on Earth – I believe that when everyone is doing what they're destined to do – there's harmony and peace in the world – both collectively and individually. It all starts with PEACE and HARMONY of ONE ATOM. Because when ONE "atom" is balanced with it's positive and negative energies – it has STABILITY.
Therefore, as "atoms" collectively form individuality of everything and everyone on Earth – each collective grouping that creates individuality must have and must attain a BALANCE of POSITIVE and NEGATIVE in order for there to be STABILITY. When all the cells in your physical body are balanced – you have STABILITY and GOOD HEALTH – and when all the energies in your AURA are balanced – then you have stability. However, and here's the important point – the energies in MY aura that I need to create STABILITY in my life are NOT the same energies you need to create STABILITY in your life.
Each individual has their own configuration based on their astrological chart and on their individuality that resonates with their mind, thoughts and spiritual soul – karma from "this" lifetime and "prior" lifetimes. Understanding EXACTLY who you are – define what you NEED to create stability into your life – on each and everyday of your life – and during each and every phase of your life.
Everything in your life needs balancing +ve & -ve
"You can't have too much positive energy nor can you have too much negative energy"

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Are you suffering from Bad luck? Are you unable to attract good fortune and luck? Are you depressed and confused by your bad state? Well, there is a way to clear all these problems.
Do you know “Mandi Bunga” can help “buang suay” (clear bad luck) of a person spiritually and effectively? 

Over the years different variants of Mandi Bunga have emerged transcending cultures. There is a practice of having a bath fusing both flowers and herbal leaves together. For an example, different colour flowers are used because in Tibetan Buddhism it is believed that each colour carries a specific energy or vibration. Healing using colours is 'supplementary' to other types of healing. 

Flower shower which is identical with the sacred and mystical scent, is also very beneficial for health. Eleman water and flowers as the main media, able to provide freshness and affection in the soul and body.

European studies reveal, bathing was not only good for cleaning the body from the dirt and away the stress, but also has an important role in enhancing the immune patti-vaithiyam-mandi-bunga-malaysia-ideassystem.

The study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that people with diabetes who spent just 30 minutes to soak in a tub of warm water can lower blood sugar levels by about 13 percent.



patti-vaithiyam-mandi-bunga-malaysia(Price RM25.00 per bottle is for Malaysia Only)




RM40.00 / Per bottle

Buy 3 for RM120.00, 1 Bottle FREE







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