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This shower scrubber measures 41 X 10.5 cm and has a shipping weight of 5.6 ounces. It has a long handle for a greater reach. Its handle is one piece, and the bristles are attached to it, thereby making it sturdy and durable. What’s more is that this brush is light making it easy to use. Another plus of this brush is that its bristles are of natural bamboo, which makes it safe to use. Additionally, the bristles are soft yet rough enough to enable scrubbing out grime with a lot of ease.

The brush helps remove dead skin, toxins, while it stimulates blood circulation. It is excellent for use on the feet, knees, legs, among others, to leave a soft and glowing skin. Due to its elegant and beautiful look, you can use this brush as a gift.

Premium quality
Nice and sturdy bamboo wood
Perfect bristles, not too soft or rough
It comes with a great price
Dries quickly
The length of the brush is perfect

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