Boom Honey “100% Pure Honey”

Boom Honey “100% Pure Honey”



WILD BOOM HONEY is the pure raw wild honey which is harvested from wild trees in thick forests🌳, is well known for many of its health benefits. This Wild BOOM Honey harvested from wild trees at Pahang National Park, has a pH of 3.76. It is completely original and organic.

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Honey is way older than history itself, as it’s been used by the ancient people for over 8000 years. It is clearly known that honey has been used and is still being used by many for food, medicine, and more by almost all the cultures around the world. Honey is acidic – the more acidic the honey is, the better the quality (pH ranging 0 – 6.9).

This Wild BOOM Honey booms various benefits such as🥳:


🐝Has mild antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties

🐝Used in the treatment of burns and lacerations

🐝 Improve immune system

🐝 Consuming raw honey helps with seasonal allergies

🐝Honey prevents acid reflux – reduce the upward flow of stomach acid and undigested food

🐝Easy digestive issue

🐝Relieving cold and cough symptoms

🐝Improve sleep

🐝Controls blood pressure


🐝Control cholesterol level

🐝Aids in weight loss

🐝 Improve skin quality

🐝 Relieve asthma

🐝 Reduce tiredness


Consume Wild BOOM Honey for better results of your inner and outer bodily functions. It’s highly guaranted to be consumed by all age groups but it is not recommended for infants younger than 12 months old.


Ways of consuming ❓❓❓


🍯Once / Twice per day – consume early in the morning for better results.

🍯One tablespoon per consumption

🍯Can be mixed with ginger, garlic or lime (optional)

🍯can be consumed by mixing it with water (NOTE: Do not mix with boiling water – Mixing with warm water is encouraged)

🍯Can be used in cookings- bakings, candies, prepared foods & fruits, cereals, etc (Avoid boiling circumstances)


Stay healthy with BOOM Honey 🍯Your health is our priority !!! 🥰

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