Sahaney Ginger Concoction

Sahaney Ginger Concoction


*Sahaney Natural Cure Juice*

Heart Blockage Cure and Natural Healing Tonic
♥ *No water added*
♥ *No chemical*
♥ *No side effects*
♥ *No preservatives*
♥ *100% Halal*
♥ *100% Pure Naturel*
♥ *Safe To Consume*
♥ *Homemade*

*Ingredients : Ginger, Garlic, Apple Cider, Lemon n Honey*

👉Reduce Blood Pressure
👉Anti Block
👉Reduces Cholesterols
👉Reduces Sugar Level,
👉 Reduce Weight,Slimming
👉 Treats Respiratory problem
👉Preventing and curing heart disease
👉Increase blood flow
👉Increase energy
👉Good for cold,cough
👉Regulates Heart Beat
👉 Helps in Proper Functioning of Heart,
👉Remove Toxins from body
👉Contains minerals, potassium, vitamins and enzyme
👉Anti Oxidants – Reduce Risk Of Cancer
👉Fight bacteria

Helps Opening up Narrowing Arteries

*Natural Remedy Can Cure Heart Block without Angiogram and Angioplasty*

Helps naturally to:
– Remove Arterial Plague
– Regulate Cholesterol Level
– Tone up blood circulation
– Relieve Joint Pains
– Strengthen Body Immunity

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