TK Plus++ “Thulasi Karpuravalli Balm Plus”

TK Plus++ “Thulasi Karpuravalli Balm Plus”


Thulasi Karpuravalli Balm Plus (TK Balm ++) is a perfect solution for adults with
Colds & Congestions
Neck & Shoulder Tension
Aches & Strains
Abdominal Bloatedness/Wind (Angin)
Joint Pains
Back & Headaches
Other common discomforts
Ie.stiffness due to prolonged computer usage.
This product is 100% Natural as it don’t contain any chemical, essential oil and paraben.

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Best solution for :-

Stress Related Aches/Pains

Stomach wind/gas





Thulasi, Karpuravalli, Garlic, Pure Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea butter, Beeswax, Lemon Peel, Clove, Natural Menthol, Edible Camphor.



Can be mixed with carrier oil to massage back to improve your digestion.

Rub on chest, back, feet, neck, sinus area and forehead.

Advisable to wear socks at night after applying balm on feet.

Apply on shoulders for maximum stress relieve.

For external use only.

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